Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol

AnyasGhostCoverBrosgol, Vera. Anya’s Ghost. New York: First Second, 2011. Print.

Genre: YA graphic novel

Summary: Anya struggles to hide her Russian accent and all the embarrassing signs of “difference.” She is mostly friendless, under-achieving, and burdened with bad habits and poor self-image. A tumble down into an old well presents Anya with a new friend: a ghost who wants to help her. The spirit-girl tells Anya she lost her love when young and wants to ensure Anya lands the man she’s got her heart set on. After discovering the boy is a cad, Anya also discovers her ghost has sinister ulterior motives. To save her family from supernatural harm, Anya must rid herself of her bad habits and her bad attitude!

Critique: Witty, and sharp. Anya’s snarkasm is apt and endearing. Her struggles lead to positive and meaningful outcomes. She learns how to be a better person by befriending a truly awful former person. The artwork is all black and white. Bold, rounded figures. Lots of influential shadows and shading.

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