Fighting Writer’s Plaque

(Migrated post. Content originally published 11/2013 on 23,000+ words into National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and I have to say I’m feeling pretty good. True, I am about 2,000 words behind today’s target of 25,000 words, but I know I’ll catch up. After all, I had one very busy weekend and a few very… Continue reading Fighting Writer’s Plaque

Chrysalis and Entropy: A Celebration of Adolescence

(Migrated post. Content originally published 10/2013 on I have a monthly Google calendar reminder to check on several interesting children’s/YA publishing industry related blogs. Actually, I have many calendar reminders set to pretty much boss me around day-to-day and month-to-month. Many of the tasks I set up on a revolving basis are treats. Like… Continue reading Chrysalis and Entropy: A Celebration of Adolescence

How to Write with Forks and Spoons

(Migrated post. Content originally published 8/2013 on I had a writer’s epiphany. It happened while I was making my usual Wednesday night drive home from the dojo. I’d just spent two hours on the mat practicing Aikido, a martial art founded on principles of ki (energy) rather than combat. Essentially, Aikido teaches its practitioners… Continue reading How to Write with Forks and Spoons

Guest Blogging: The Sweet Nectar of Success

(Migrated post. Content originally appeared 10/2013 on For writers, success is like nectar. It’s oh-so-sweet, but comes in small servings and only after lots and lots of diligent toil. Recently, I got to be the guest-blogger on Zach Hively long-running blog of books, thoughts, and other interesting ephemera. In that post, I announced to… Continue reading Guest Blogging: The Sweet Nectar of Success


(Migrated post. Content originally appeared 10/2013 on Now that I’m finally done with the whole “I’m-gonna-do-two-Masters-degrees-in-two-countries” thing, I have time to read all the really juicy books on my must-read list. All the ones that stacked up as research reading and critical reading had to get done. All the ones that beckoned to me from… Continue reading N-fomaniacs