Pick Up Sticks by Yours Truly

Can we convince young people to enjoy failure as much as they enjoy play? Can we teach them that the two are inseparable travel-mates on the path to success? “Pick Up Sticks: How One Toy Became a Space-Exploration Robot”—my latest article appearing in the April 2018 issue of Muse—confronts these very questions. Like all scientists,… Continue reading Pick Up Sticks by Yours Truly

Two First Amendment Books by Yours Truly

At a time when our national attention sits securely, sometimes obsessively, on the goingson of Washington, D.C. and our national leaders — be they elected, electoral, or judicial — young viewers and readers deserve thoughtful texts exploring the roots of our rights. For parents, teachers, and librarians seeking such books for the voracious omnivorous reader,… Continue reading Two First Amendment Books by Yours Truly

The Pinball Plot

Let’s play a game! A what-if guessing game. What if all your dreams came true in the New Year? What if, instead, your worst nightmares actually happened? What is something you’d never imagine befalling you and what if that very thing occurred? I know. I know. The zen-ists find it terribly unfashionable to play such… Continue reading The Pinball Plot

Striking a Balance by Yours Truly

I’m going Old Faithful and spewin’ some really exciting news here: In honor of the National Parks Service Centennial, my latest article, “Striking a Balance,” appears in the May/June issue of Cobblestone magazine! For a century, the Parks have teetered on a tightrope slung between the demands of sharing their natural splendors with millions of… Continue reading Striking a Balance by Yours Truly

“Sand” Serif

Hip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-hooray! I am so tickled to share this good news with the world: a writer I helped with a story not only landed the piece in a major publication, but also recently garnered a lot of press coverage! Check it out: http://krqe.com/2015/08/02/new-mexico-womans-story-picked-up-by-chicken-soup-for-the-soul/ Full disclosure, this writer is my mom. When Chicken Soup posted its call… Continue reading “Sand” Serif