I Wish I Had a Pet by Maggie Ruddy

ruddy-wishIhadaPetRuddy, Maggie. I Wish I Had a Pet. New York: Beach Lane Books, 2014. Print.

Genre: picture book (photographic, not illustrated)

Summary: A little mouse dreams of having a pet. She also imagines all the pluses and minuses of being another creature’s caretaker and best friend. A really good book to read and discuss with kiddos who are clamoring for a pet. (I currently fall in that category, just so you know…)

Critique: Ruddy creates amazing dioramas of little mice, their living spaces, beaches, parks, etc all from found or recycled items. Only a small warning: these little creatures are not crafted in an adorable-size-fits-all style. They are one part creepy and one part cute. Is the word for that crute? Crupy? Cureepy?


Images from Simon & Schuster.